13 Reasons for the 13 Years

that Prove..... you are One of the best Grandma's ever!!!!!!

Reason #1

I Love how cheerful you are.

Reason #2

I love how confident you are.

Reason #3

I love how you are emotional just like me.

Reason #4

I love your hugs. I love your kisses. I love your smile.

Reason #5

I love it when you sing.

REason #6

I love to hear your laughter.

Reason #7

I love it when you tell me stories of when you where little or when Dad was little.

Reason #8

For reading me Stone Soup almost every time we come over.

Reason #9

For letting me eat all the popcorn that I want.

Reason #10

For always staying up till I fell asleep.

Reason #11

For our sleepovers in the camper.

Reason #12

Letting me show off your old clothes in the dress up box.

Reason #13

For letting me sit in the front seat.


There are many more reasons why you are so, special to me, but for the sake of time I can only list a few love you with all my heart.

- Lucy:)