Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Updates

September 28 - October 2

Important Dates

Thursday, October 1: Students may turn in September Reading Logs to earn a sticker towards an end of the year book prize! New October Reading Logs will be distributed today as well.

Friday, October 2: Spelling and Weekly Quiz, Homework Packet #5 due

Wednesday, October 7: Chapter 2 Science Test

Friday, October 9: Timeline Project Due

Tuesday, October 13: Social Studies Quiz on Time and Sequence

Happy Fall!

What a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of fall with Johnny Appleseed Day! We had a terrific time making homemade applesauce, exploring apples with our five senses, and doing lots of fun apple-related activities! I'll be uploading some pictures of our fun on the Homeroom app this weekend, so keep an eye out!

Spanish Update from Senor Chiapetta

Senor Chiapetta has requested that students bring a spiral bound notebook for use in Spanish class. We will leave these at school. Please bring these to school as soon as possible in the next week. Thanks!

From our Yearbook Staff...

Last chance to get a discount on your purchase of the yearbook! 15% off if purchased by September 30th!

To purchase and CUSTOMIZE your yearbook, go to: and enter the FSAPS passcode: 1013541294622699

Even if you do not plan to purchase a yearbook this year, please create an account. You may use the same account every year, and you will be able to share photos online within the FSAPS family (and help contribute pictures to the yearbook!).

A Peek at Next Week:

Reading/Language Arts: We will be looking at exclamatory sentences, cause and effect in reading, short u and final consonant blends, and comparing and contrasting genres.

Spelling Words: crust, bump, jump, must, just, dust, trust, dusk, hunt, lump, home, into, many, them

Social Studies: We will be looking at how to measure time, both with calendars and clocks, and will also be discussing the past, present and future. We will be exploring timelines together, which will be helpful for when we study various American heroes' lives over the year. Students will be completing a timeline project that will be due on October 9th.

Science: We will be discussing the design process and exploring how we can figure out how to create technologies that help to solve problems.

Character Education: This week we began our Character Education program called Second Step at FSAPS. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we will be focusing on a variety of Character Education topics throughout the year. We will be utilizing the Second Step curriculum and supplementing with our own activities and resources to help your students grow as individuals. The first important topics we are focusing in first grade is how following listening rules helps everyone learn. This past week, students learned the different positions their body can be in to help them learn: Body Still, Voice Quiet, Eyes Watching, Ears Listening. We played some games to help us practice being good listeners. This upcoming week we will be learning how to focus our attention.