the outsiders

the main character is johnny. three words that describe the main character are scared but at the same time he is ruff and tough. johnny is motivated to do what he dose because he was going to get killed if he didnt do what he did. i like the main character johnny because he seems cool and he is the best character in the book in my opinion. the relationship between pony boy and johnny is very strong because they have been friends for a very long time and because they have been thought a lot together. the outsiders takes place in the characters neighborhood and an abandon church. the story takes place in the past. the main problem is that johnny kills someone a socs rich is a rich kid that thinks they are all that and drive nice cars. and johnny is a greaser with is a kid that is in like a kinda gang and they do bad stuff like steel and get into fights. but if you want to know the rest of the book pick it up and read it yourself.