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Fast facts

Continent: Europe

Capital: Dublin

Population: 4,892,305 people

Area: 27,133 sq. miles

Main Languages: Irish and English

Main Religions: Roman catholic

Distance from capital to Washington D.C: 3402,55 Miles


Winters are mild and wet in Ireland, The coldest temperatures average to 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers are cool, the warmest month is July, which has an average temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Irelands dampness, fog and rain make the country lush and green.


Ireland produces many fresh vegetables. Fresh dairy products, bread and seafood are also widely available. Potatoes are a traditional food in Ireland, since Ireland joined the EU (European union) a wide variety of fruits are available.


the head of government is: Prime minster Edna Kenny

the head of state is: President Michael D. Higgins

The highest court in Ireland is the supreme court which helps decide matters of constitutionality. The government respects many freedoms, speech, assembly, religion and the press, all citizens may vote at the age of 18.


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