The House of Hades

By: Rick Riordan


The theme of the story was to never give up because Percy and Annebeth go through the worst place possible and have to do crazy things like drink fire, but they still made it through.




The story begins right were the last book left off. The main problem is that Percy and Annebeth are trapped in Tartarus, Which is literally the worst place in the universe. While their friends are on earth trying to stop gaea from rising and destroying the gods.

rising action

Percy and Annebeth slowly make their way to the doors of death, which is the only escape route from Tartarus. While that takes place their friends find the scepter of hades so that they can raise an undead army.


Percy and Annebeth go into the doors of death, but someone has to press the elevator button after 12 minutes in order for them to leave the doors. If someone does not press the button they just vanish forever. So their friends are battling through the monsters to get to the button.

Figurative language

example 1: strange wailing sounds filled her ears-millions of heart broken voices, as if the river were made of distilled sadness

example 2: Percy gripped her hand and jolted her back to reality.


The author describes Hecate very well by talking about the ghostly mist that surrounds her and the sandles she wares. Also describing hazels horse, Arion, how he looks like black blur while he runs. And how his coat shines.


"My feet are on fire! Not shiny! Not shiny at all." this shows how the dwarves talk.

Also to show one of many examples of how the brainwashed titan talks, "Bob will name kitten little bob". or also, "Bob doesn't like cures."