4th Grade

Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Carlson, and Mrs. Conley

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Virtual Conferences start next week!

Thank you for signing up for fall conferences. If you haven't had a chance to sign up for conferences, please connect with your child's homeroom teacher. This year will be very different from years past, we will be conferencing virtually. One day prior to your conference date, you will receive an email from your child's teacher that includes the link for your meeting. Please make sure to save the date and email with the link to our virtual meeting (no app needed). Also, you will need to use either an ipad, smartphone or a device that has a microphone. I look forward to meeting with you! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Math Workshop

Assessing data from the beginning of the school year, we decided to adjust our instruction and do a review of key concepts from 3rd grade. Now, we will be returning to our 4th grade Algebra Unit: Patterns. Students will be working on extending number and shape patterns, determining a rule to a pattern and sharing special features of number and shape patterns. Math terms that we will continue to review are “multiples” and “factors”.

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Writing Workshop

This week we continue to add to our myths. Students have chosen a topic and developed the traits of their character and elaborated on the setting. Our students are learning that Good writers are not born that way: Like any other skill in life, it is true that some people are naturally better writers than others. However, good writers, even those who write professionally, have worked hard to become better at the craft. The truth is that any writer, at any level, can become a better writer by learning what good writing consists of and spending time at practicing the craft. As we continue the process of adding to our story, students learn to develop the skills necessary to be skillful writers. Talk to your child about their writing project, they are pretty creative!!

Reading & Language Workshop

Readers are currently learning what it means to be involved in an LDG - Literature Discussion Group. We have been practicing this week, using our Essential Question, “How can diversity impact humanity?” Students read an article about a new character on Sesame Street who has autism. Students explored how this new character might impact the viewers of Sesame Street and their families, while showing text evidence to support their thinking. Great discussions centered around this prompt, and kids were definitely using “talk moves” to guide their conversations.

Our current LW book is called Mama’s Nightingale. It is about a young girl who was separated from her mother after they immigrated to the United States from Haiti. Next week, LW learners will practice using the RACE Strategy to respond to a prompt. Ask your child if they know what RACE stands for in the literacy world!

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We are continuing our unit on Earth and Human Activity. We have learned about erosion, weathering, and deposition through a variety of hands on activities and class demonstrations.

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