By:Megan Poff

About The SCLC- Southern Christian Leadership Conference

SCLC was a organization of the civil rights movement, the Southern Christian Leadership conference (SCLC) championed the use of nonviolent direct action to end legal and social discrimination against African Americans. The Original leader, was Martin Luther King Jr. the SCLC organized and sponsored many protest marches and demonstrations during the late 1950s and the 1960s. The SCLC group influence declined after King's assassination in 1968, the SCLC continues to work for the betterment of the lives of African Americans. The SCLC emerged in the wake of a successful boycott of buses in Montgomery, Alabama, by the city's black citizens in 1955, which had led in December 1956 the Supreme Court ruling upholding the desegregation of those buses. Rosa Parks was sponsored by the (SCLC)

Five Facts About the SCLC- Southern Christian Leadership Conference

  • The SCLC come primarily from the church. Church played a major part in the lives of African-Americans in the South and church leaders played a significant role in each black community in all parts of the South.
  • Martin Luther king was a Baptist minister at Dexter Avenue in Montgomery at the time when Rosa Parks made her Famous stand against bus law in December 1955.
  • The SCLC brought together all the various strands of Civil Rights organisations and put them under one organisation. Originally called the 'Southern Negro leaders conference on transportation and Non-violent integration'.
  • All those associated with SCLC had to accept the Philosophy of non-violence regardless of the provocation.
  • IN 1963. SCLC was also involved in organizing the legendary 'March on Washington for Jobs and freedom.