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Check Out These Technology Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

Creating A Class Book Using Google Presentation

Kindergarteners in Diane Corbitt's class recently collaborated to create a class book using Google Presentation. Diane took pictures of what her kindergarteners do during the day and loaded them into a Google Presentation one picture to a slide. We modeled how they would type their story on the computer. We choose to focus on making the words match the pictures as the writing skill and how to use the space bar and the period key as the technology skills. The next day, Diane paired her students and each pair chose and wrote about one picture. They collaborated on generating the ideas and the typing. Using partners was a great way to provide scaffolding. Once the project was all finished I went back and modeled how you upload the project into a class ePortfolio and facilitated a reflection discussion that culminated in their reflection of their learning. They were so excited and took such ownership of their learning that Diane has decided to build upon the success and do another Google Presentation project. This next time each student will make their own Google Presentation about an animal of their choosing. View their book (requires LISD login) and see their reflection below.

ePortfolio Tips

Looking for some resources to teach your students about the 21st Century Skills?

  • Check out this list of trade books or view this slide show for books that can serve as a starting point.
  • View this slide show to see some 21st Century Skill anchor charts found in some LISD classrooms
Remember to reflect upon the artifacts. Reflection helps students take ownership and construct meaning from their learning. Please contact me if you would like me to model how to facilitate a reflection piece in your classroom.

Texas Missions and Thinglink

Fourth graders at Timber Creek recently used the Web 2.0 tool Thinglink to share information about Texas missions. After researching and writing about missions they imported an image into Thinglink and added their information. Thinklink creates interactive images where you can share text, weblinks, and even videos around right from your image. As students learn how to use this tool they also received multiple mini-lessons in Digital Citizenship along the way. Students were taught how to use Thinglink and what information they can and cannot share with others. If you'd like to use this Web 2.0 tool with your students please contact me so we can make certain the Digital Citizenship piece is covered as well.

View a picture of the project below. Click here to visit the Thinglink and see the "links" in their interactive image.

Big image

Research Symbaloo

I was really excited to find this great Symbaloo of elementary friendly research sites and search engines in english and Spanish. It's not that there were new ones, well maybe a few, but what made me excited was that some other teacher created it and shared it for everyone to use! That's right, you don't have to do anything except make it accessible to your students. You can bookmark it, create a QR Code, create a short url, or link it to your website. To use the Symbaloo all you do is click on the little square that has the site you want to visit and off you go...How easy is that! If you desire you can create your own Symbaloo. Here's a blog article with ways you can use Symbaloo in your classroom and a tutorial to get started. You can visit the Symbaloo Knowledgebase here.
Big image

Recap--- Another Option for A Video Reflection Tool

A few weeks ago I showcased the idea of a recording booth using ClipChamp on a Chromebook or simply using video on the iPad for our 1toX grade levels. Those tools work perfectly well and if you're using them successfully that is awesome! I came across another recording booth option thanks to several of the other ITFs I work with! If you haven't tried a recording booth out yet, there is now another recently released web tool and iPad App, Recap: Video Response and Reflection for Education. This App is in the LISD App Store. Recap gives teachers and parents insight into students' learning and progress and is very quick and easy to use. It prompts students to respond to assignments on video, which allows students to verbalize their thoughts and then review and (if they choose to) rerecord their responses before submitting it. Video reflection provides evidence of student thinking, improves formative assessment and supports personalized learning. With Recap you can create and assign questions to individual students, a student group, or the whole class. After students have responded you can view their responses individually of as a sample to get an overall picture of how your class is doing. You can even give text feedback to your students. Students use either the app or go to the Recap website and sign in using a class PIN, making this a great choice for shared devices . Watch this tutorial to learn how easy this is to use. If you're successfully using ClipChamp or the video camera on the iPad, please don't abandon it; if it's working well don't feel like you need to learn yet another tool! If you'd like to try Recap let me know; I'd be happy to help!

Want to try one of these or something else out but unsure how to do it or want an extra set of hands? I'll help!

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