students using technology in class.

will soclial netwoking in class create a positive effect?

Students across the nation

use social networking in the classrooms to improve their technology knowledge.With the years that have passed new advanced technologies have come around, giving more opportunities for students to have a better online education.

Its always,

positive to learn more english by allowing students various ways to learn different things. it gives them more motivation to chose whats most comfortable for them. steven green.

The more familiar and common online education becomes..

the more the students will percieve how to do things later in life. technology is used to " identify questions, locate information, and evaluate." beavis.  students need to be equiped with these types of skills to be successfull members of the work force.

By already understanding,

the basic of online teaching information it will naturally be a stress lifter on students in their futures.

Students can...

work collaberately on data using cyber database to research information and import their findings. Teachers can now make informational videos using website