a newtown holiday

lets make are city happy

Did you know !!!!

  • did you know that shooting mostly are in high school than middle and elementary

need a plan for the future

what happened to familys

  • parents after the accident in Connecticut are still heart broken devastated
  • we need to make it up to the parents and make the new town shooting or any shooting at schools a holiday

why should we do this ?

  • the reason why is cause 20 first graders where down and six teachers that is an equivalent of one whole class
  • this is why think about it just think

the time to celebrate

  • the exact date we should celebrate is December 14th
  • that's when it started and ended and that's when we also celebrate the children deaths

Texas reactions !!!!

  • celebrates even teens of California help and demand a plan and wanted your help ask yourself would i do this
  • president Barack Obama gave and even cried for the children
California Teens Demand a Plan to End Violence


  • now since you learned this info go and change the world for the better future