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Shifts in Power: Effects

When power shifts, somebody is losing their sovereignty and no matter what, there will be some effects. The amount of positive versus negative effects depends on the situation, and which way the power is shifted. Negative effects when power shifted is inevitable; but the intensity of the negative effects varies. Whenever power shifts in a country, somebody is losing full control. When that somebody loses power his supporters and himself may not be too happy about. Depending on the ruler and his group will determine the negative effects. They could be very harsh people and when completely outrage, they could just bomb their entire country or declare a civil war.

Positive Effects

If a country is an unstable establishment and there is virtually no government, a shift in power could give you positive effects. It could potentially stabilize the country giving the citizens guidance and taking them out of the state of nature. But in doing this, depending on the new authoritarian and his choice of government, it could take away one's certain rights in exchange for a social contract, which could upset the previously satisfied citizens giving you negative effects.

Negative Effects

Like I had previously stated, whenever a shift in power occurs there will be some variation of negative effects to come with it. Lets say there's a stable satisfied country with a small group of rebels who are unhappy with the government. If they gain enough military strength to overthrow the country's power, it could result in negative effects. A government downfall could occur, and if the new dictator in power wasn't happy with the previous government, they could potentially pose sanctions on other countries which effects globalization. For example, right now Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States because of our poor relationship with Cuba, they posed sanctions on us.

But no matter what happens, there will be negative effects coming from the ones who lose the power.