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Teen boy killed in park in Oklahoma Plus fire in countryside

Murder in a small town park in Oklahoma

A teenager was found dead in an Oklahoma park. He was supposedly a member of one of the two gangs in the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His death was the effect of a stab wound to his back. The two suspects are now on the run, the local police department suspects them to be hiding somewhere in the countryside.

They have medium - long hair that is greased back, They wear rugged long pants with blue jean jackets and boots.

Church set on fire atop a mountain in Oklahoma countryside

A church was set on fire atop of a mountain in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No one knows what started it but some say that it could have been the two fugitives that have just murdered a teen boy in a park. Five kids were stuck in this church. They escaped without being harmed thanks to two boys that rushed in to save them. The two boys were not so lucky though. One came out with just bruises but the other came out with a possible broken back and multiple burns on his body. They have been taken to the nearest hospital.