Feb. 22 ~ Feb. 26, 2016

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Legal and Ethical Guidelines on Elections

On February 8, 2016, the North East ISD Board of Trustees ordered a general election for May 7, 2016 to elect trustees in Single Member District 1, Single Member District 4, Single Member District 5, and Single Member District 6. Below are some legal and ethical guidelines to follow during an election.

  • It is our responsibility to inform the public about the Board of Trustees General Election and to encourage voter registration and participation. As further explained below, staff cannot tell the public how to vote. For elections, this means that staff cannot advocate for or against any particular candidate while at work.
  • In correspondence, we must remember that public funds, including your time on the job, may not be used to promote or discourage any ballot item or candidate. Correspondence may be used only to provide factual information about the election, such as where and when to vote, as well as where to find information.
  1. Factual information about the election can be prepared during the workday.
  2. Factual information about the election can be printed.
  3. During the workday, individuals cannot be encouraged to vote for any particular candidate, but they can be encouraged to vote.
  4. Materials that promote or oppose any ballot item or individual candidate must be paid for by individual or citizen advocacy groups. However, these third party materials cannot be distributed using District resources, such as email or Pony.
  • District equipment and facilities cannot be used to advocate or oppose any candidate.
  • “Although you may not use school district resources for political advertising, you are free to campaign for or against a candidate on your own time and with your own resources.” (Source: A Short Guide to the Prohibition Against Using School District Resources For Political Advertising in Connection with an Election. Texas Ethics Commission. Sep 1, 2009.)

It is important that the District lead an “information-only” effort. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Deb Caldwell at (210) 407-0026.

GO Red for Women Month!

Monday - 2/22

4th Grade Writing Benchmark

General & SpEd IA Meeting

Robotics Club

Choir Rehearsal

Cheer Class

Tuesday - 2/23

2nd Grade Writing Benchmark

4th Grade Writing Benchmark

5th Grade Science Benchmark

WC Cluster Meeting AM (Gill @ Harmony Hills)

Bookkeepers Meeting AM (Perez @ CLC)

Early Dismissal at 12:40 PM

Art Class

Willie's Night

Wednesday - 2/24

ARD day

Coker Corale Practice

2nd Grade Reading Benchmark

Early Dismissal at 12:40 PM

Bricks4Kids Class

Thursday - 2/25

College Spirit Day


CIA - Coker Instrument Assembly

Strings Practice

Dance Class

Special Ed Meeting

Friday - 2/26 (C day)

Wear Red Shirt or Heart Shirt for AHA!

6 wks Progress Reports


Leadership Pep Rally

Leadership Team Meeting

Stella & Dot in the Tchr Workroom

PLC - 1st Grade

Chess Class

Sharpen the Saw #3 - Wing Daddy's

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