Browning auto 5 Shotgun

World's most famous shotgun

How the gun functions

Design work on the Auto-5 began in 1898 to which browning secured a patent for his 'autoloading' design the following year. The action (know as "long-recoil') depended on the temporarily joined bolt-and-barrel recoiling backwards in unison to help re-cock the hammer for subsequent firing. It was during this action that any spent shell casings were ejected, for the barrel returned forward sans the bolt. With the bolt eventually moving to its original position, a fresh shell was introduced from the awaiting tubular magazine- the weapon then made ready to fire again. This configuration now allowed shooters to fire off all shells in the magazine within seconds. A key quality to this semi-automatic autoloading feature was no dependence on a manually- actuated pump-action slide facility.

What was the gun used for

just like all guns its used for defending yourself in combat, the Browning shotgun was actually designed for CQC (close quarters combat) seeing how unlike other weapons such as pistols or rifles the browning as a shorter range of fire. The shells do not work like how bullets do, the shells have mini metal spheres that when the shot is fired a wide range of metal hits the target so its not just a single bullet.

why is this shotgun so popular?

The shotgun is so popular because its the most reliable. Ever since WW1 this shotgun has been proven to be the most efficient piece of equipment, people use this gun up to this day including the police, certain military even ordinary people.