Animal Treatmeant

how animals are treated.By Apryl Rocha


How are aniamls treated is sometimes good or sometimes bad.IT can be good when there helping but it can be bad because some people kill them and abuse them.People think it met be good to have a place that wild aniamls are at but it is not a good place for them to be at.People can be mean to aniamls or can be mean to there pets even.


Do you know what they do to animals? When they hit them and they get payed for having animals do treats.They forces polor bear to go down a slide.According to Vagen a circus bear was forced in a small and the people did not even give it food to eat or give it water to drink and they did take care of it and they injured them and they live it to rot People are bad persons how live animals to rot in there cages.

People don't care about animals people feel bad about what is happening to them if people don"t stop then when your childern are 1,2,3,4 and when they are older they are not going to know what is a elephant or a lion are what is a cheeta because they don't stp killing them in the wild.Ababy elephant was aboused by chaining it up it was left in there cages.A tiger was forced to go in a cage will it is injured and a elephant was hit with a claw-strike in the back and it left the elephant with a lot of injures on the elephant.People need to stop hurting animals,!!.


The wild is a place were animal can be free and the animals can have fun and they can do what they won't and they can be how they are  in the wild and if they won't to jump or sleep or do nothing at all they can do that and animals are like people to if you hit a aniamls it is like if you hit your little kid .So be careful what you do to the animals so if thing of what your doing to your animals.Animals are very very very cool!!!!!
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