My Summer holidays


In true, nothing interesting happened in June.Everything I did was sleeping, playing computer games and visiting my relatives and friends. That wasn't really cool, but there are another two months, right?
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July was much better than June! We went to the countryside like three times, we spent one night in a forest... That was really nice and exiting. But then the best and the most interesting thing happened. My mom is allergic to all types of cats and dogs, but the whole family loves them very much. Our friend suggested us a small and absolutely bald cat. We were really happy, because we thought that my mom will not be allergic to it. So we accepted the offer and the cat was brought to our home. Her name was Adelia, but we called her "Dela". After a few days we understood that my mother IS allergic to it, so we gave her to our friends. (They live in a country, by the way) They took a good care about Del. There is a a funny photo of her named "Dinosaur cosplay"
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The end of Summer. I don't really like August, because every time you wake up ou understand that september comes closer and closer. Nothing unusual was happening. I was playing computer, reading books and going for a walk with my friend. This summer was really good. I enjoyed the holidays very much. I hope you did so too. Bye!
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