What is the cost of pursuing a dream?

Define Happiness

Dictionary.com: The quality or state of being delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing.

Personal: Being in a state of content individually.

Jay Gatsby

Throughout Gatsby's life, he strides towards becoming a rich, powerful man. Gatsby spends his whole life pursuing the opportunity of obtaining wealth and pleasure to gain the affection of Daisy which is his definition of being happy. When he finally achieves his long fought for dream, he comes to realize that "Daisy tumbled short of his dreams" (Fitzgerald 95). What he thought was going to be a life long dream come true, ended up not being close to what he expected. Although Gatsby's vision of happiness was unrealistic, he did everything he could to achieve it. His pursuit for Daisy caused for Gatsby to lose himself, relationships, and most importantly, happiness.

Wall Streets' Great Recession Cost Us All $30 Trillion

After the recent struggles in the economy and government in the past decade, the government has cost the nation 30 trillion dollars. Although the U.S government still found a way to profit 15.5 billion from a Citi deal, "the financial damage inflicted on the nation and its citizens is both staggering and historic -- but not in a good way"

(O'Connell 1). The immense amount of money lost within the government has caused for people to lose jobs, their homes, and even their families. Happiness was therefore exchanged for government mistakes and unnecessary spending.

Romeo and Juliet

In Shakespeare's love story of Romeo and Juliet, two characters, Romeo and Juliet, fall deeply in love with each other. They keep their love secret because their families hate each other. In an attempt to bring their families together, they secretly get married. Throughout their short time of being in love, they do anything to be able to see each other, such as sneak out at night. In Romeo's pursuit to spend his life with Juliet, he finds difficulty in getting their families to stop fighting all the time. In the end, Romeo ends up killing himself thinking Juliet is dead, which led to Juliet killing herself as well. So in their pursuit to live happily ever after, they ended up taking their lives and gave up everything they lived for.

Inside job

Although in the documentary, Inside Job, nobody physically is shown unhappy, it is obvious that people are unhappy. The fraud described causes people to lose jobs, friendships, and for companies to go bankrupt, therefore bringing unhappiness. The final results after many companies cheated and robbed banks was the happiness of others. Although fraud within the companies may have not effected the individuals within the companies, it definitely effected others outside of those companies.

Responding to the Financial Crisis, Clip from Inside Job Documentary (2010)

Junk Mortgages Under the Microscope

Companies such as Goldman Sachs sell loans with money that isn't theirs, causing others to go bankrupt. There are "thousands of families facing foreclosure" because of the amount of money being lost. Because all of these companies risk losing money that is not theirs, the people suffer. Although the owners and CEO's of the companies want to be happy and achieve the American Dream, they are doing so at the expense of the happiness of the citizens around the United States. If you were to suddenly not have any more money due to a company losing it without you consent, you would become a lot more than just unhappy wouldn't you?

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