Three In Two

Spend 2 quick minutes exploring 3 cool websites

I hope that you all have a restful and relaxing summer. In the next week or two you will see a survey to see what type of classes you and your students would like offered in the Media Center to better serve you. Thank you for all of your help and support this year. Below are some review games that you can set up for finals next week.

Triventy is a free quiz game platform. It is similiar to Kahoot. One of the best features is the collaboration. Students can create quizzes together.

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Collaborative Jeopardy Game Making

This website allows students to create Jeopardy-style gameboards through Google Spreadsheets. The students can work collaboratively as well. They just have to email to their group and they both can create games in real time.

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This is a tool for creating online style Jeopardy Games. You can create an online game in minutes.

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