My year at a glance

Bailie Garcia

About me

I have a bestfriend thats completetly crazy and fun to be around, her name is Mariah. I have a dog named Marley and I love him even though he acts bad. I am in love with the rapper T.I. My favorite color is hot pink and lime green.

Reflection of the year

I have had so much fun this year. We did a lot of cool projects and I also learned quite a bit this year. We read some pretty good books and stories. I am gonna miss this class, it was fun especially when I had a few of my friends in class with me to entertain me.

Dream vacation

I have always wanted to go to South Padre Island. But, I have already been here I went here last summer for 2 weeks. I went Parasailing for the first time. I went on a tour and saw dolphins. I also went shopping and to the beach almost every other day. Sometimes i would go twice a day just because it was so peacefull and pretty. I also rode on a horse for my first time.


Pay attention in class and always be on time. Joke around with Mr.Bridges and be mean to him. Tell him "I'm gonna knock your teeth out!" I am just kidding Mr.Bridges. You were a great teacher. Study for all your test, turn in all your work on time.