Job Interview Process

By Sharilyn Tuttle

Before the Interview

  • make a resume
  • look into the place you're applying to
  • think of answers for possible questions
  • have questions that you can ask the interviewer
  • review your application so you know what's on it
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During the Interview

  • don't be too early, don't be late, be right on time
  • use a firm hand shake to greet them
  • introduce yourself
  • thank them for meeting with you
  • don't sit until you are asked to
  • don't bring your phone
  • make eye contact
  • look involved and interested
  • take time to listen
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5 Common Interview Questions

1.) What are your weaknesses? - minimize your weakness and emphasis your strengths, avoid personal qualities, go more towards professional traits

2.) Why should we hire you? - talk about your experience, make sure you stand out because they could hire anyone else

3.) Why do you want to work here? - give this question thought before going to the interview, do some research on the company

4.) What are your goals? - talk about short-term goals rather than just focusing on the distant future

5.) Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) you job? - if you're unemployed, positively tell them about what happened, don't be negative, if you are employed, focus more on what you want in the next job

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After the Interview

  • make eye contact
  • firmly shake their hand
  • thank them for taking the time to interview you
  • make sure you leave the door open for them to call you back
  • be polite the entire time through
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Dress for the Interview

Dress like you're applying for one position higher than you are!

Dressing for Women

  • longer skirt or nice dress pants, no jeans
  • darker colors are usually more formal
  • avoid patterned suits
  • avoid tight-fitting suits
  • no gigantic purse, make sure it matches
  • don't wear distracting makeup or nail color

Dressing for Men

  • suits are always a great option
  • go with darker colors
  • white under shirt is good for interviews
  • neat-patterned tie, not too distracting
  • clean nails, freshly combed hair

Interview Don'ts

  • don't make excuses
  • don't make negative comments
  • don't use false information
  • don't treat the interview like it's nothing
  • don't be unprepared
  • don't chew gum
  • don't have your phone powered on or in sight
  • don't take anyone in with you
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