Texas A&m

All about the aggies

location of texas a&m and history

Texas a&m is located in college station which is an area between fort worth and Houston. The school has been there since 1876 when it first opened its doors to students. The school has more than 59,000 students and over 5,200 acres on the campus.

what is the mascot and school colors

reveille or miss rev as she is known on campus, is the official texas a&m mascot. The school colors are maroon and white.The colors are such a prominent part of texas a&m that they are referred to in "the spirit of Aggieland,"our alma mater,which was written in 1925.

Douglas Wunneburger, P Lim , and Jean-Francois Chamberland

The school average tuition is 27,272 for more than one year

financial aid,cost, and different activites

there are five different types of financial aid available, undergraduate and graduate, professional and international, and veteran all of which can get financial aid.the last day to apply for financial aid in the fall is June 31 2016. The living cost on campus is bundled into the tuition of the of the school. Other on campus activities include, sports such as football, womens basketball, and of course fraternities and sororities.

My college plans

my majors would be veterinary medicine, or agricultural science. With my degree i will be able to have my dream job which is to be a marine rehabilitationist, if i have this job i will earn on average about 77,630-124,680 dollars a year. Three admission requirements for texas a&m are academic achievements, what your class rank was, and your sat or act scores.I am choosing this school because it can focus specifically on vetrinary medicine, it is not too far away from my home, and it will help me get the job i want.