IR Project GP3

By: Anna

What's in common? Book to book, main character comparison

There are some connections between Savvy and another book I've read named, A Snicker of Magic. One connection is that the main character in both stories, hear voices in their heads. Mibs in Savvy, has a lot of voices in her head, but to her, they are almost painful to hear. Another connection is both characters from Savvy and A Snicker of Magic, are finding their special talent. A Snicker of Magic's Felicity did not find one, but her mother is an excellent painter. Mibs, from, Savvy thinks that her special talent is waking things up. She made her brother's dead turtle become alive again. To conclude, there are connections between A Snicker of Magic and Savvy.



Mibs, says she is in both, Nebraska and Kansas. As a result, she calls it Kanaska-Nebransas, so the reader does not really know what state she is really living in.

A Snicker of Magic:

This story takes place in a fictional town, but in Tennessee. Felicity is in a magic town, where anybody can sing up a storm, literally.


Mibs in "Savvy," actually thinks she can make things come to life with ink. One day, she drew a sun on her palm and voices started to race through her head. Then, a friend of hers named Bobbi, has a tattoo of an angel, and it always is running through Mibs's mind. Eventually, her father's tattoo of a mermaid, made Mibs hear what he was thinking. When her brother draws on himself, an abundance of words go through Mibs's mind like a cheetah.

Felicity in "A Snicker of Magic," wanted to know what her mother's mural meant and what it contained. She knew her mother was marvelous, but her mother was too considerate to show off, so she had a tarp over it until finish.