A butterfly starts out as a egg. Then after 1 week it hatches in to a caterpillar. It eats its egg shell and eats and eats leaves. Then after two weeks it goes in its pupa stage for a couple weeks. Then turns into a butterfly.


Butterflies have bright colors to warn predators and butterflies to stay away.  They have eye spots on there wings to scare predators off.


There body starts with there three body parts that makes them a insect which are the head, thorax, and abdomen. They are about the only insects that can fly. The body parts on there wings are apex, outer margin, nerve, cell, fore wing, hind wing, and costal margin. They have a couple different legs like the tibia, hind leg, middle leg, tarsus, fore leg, and they have nails.  On there head they have antenna, compound eye, and proboscis.


As a caterpillar they eat leaves when they become a adult. They eat nectar and sweet things.


A adult butterfly lays eggs on a leaves. Then after a couple weeks it hatches. It eats egg shell and is a tiny caterpillar.