Runaway Slaves

African american Slaves

African American Slaves (Runaway Slaves)

The runaway slaves were also known as Fugitive salves. Most of the runaway slaves used the underground railroad. The salves used Code to talk to each other, they sang when using the code. The runaway slaves didn't have a shelter, until the citizens opened up their houses and accompanied the runaway slaves with a shelter. Most of these slaves were fugitives. There was a challenge, when the slaves tried to runaway they had to go at night and they had to use their code so that the slave owner wouldn't know what their saying. there was something that they needed, it was aid. They needed aid because when they got out they still had the marks of when they were hit. The abolitionists were very kind to let them stay at their house. The slaves had a network, the abolitionists had cell phones so they could communicate with each other and so that they could find their family.
Song from a Cotton Field - Bessie Brown