Miguel De Cervantes

By: Anita Hallmon

Back Ground

His birth date is not known we do know he died April 23,1616. He was the 'greatest' novelist of the Spanish language. Though he did marry but it was not successful.


After the Naval Battle of Lepante he started to write out of desperation. He wrote many plays but only 30 or 40 survived. He tried for many years to get his plays to a theater but was not successful till he wrote Don Quixote.

Impact on today

he influenced many authors of the Spanish language. he also influenced many religions like Christians Ect. He was one of the most known authors of his time period.

Interesting facts

  • He didnt get much formal education
  • His father was a surgion at the university of Akala De Heneres
  • He recived two shots to the chest and a wound in his left hand in the Naval Battle of Lepante
  • He was kidnapped by pirates and was a slave for years then held for ransom.