ENMS 11-1-13

Monday Collaboration

We will be discussing SAMR as a group in the library.

November 6th- Dress down for troops day

A reminder that on the 6th we will be dressing down as a sign of support and thankfulness to our troops. If you have not paid Sarah Ackerman the $5 for this please do so soon. You are able to wear gym shoes, jeans and a hat on this day.

Our students will also be doing a $1 hat day on this day with the proceeds going to the Honor Flight.

Goals and Rewards

Thank you to everyone for keeping this thing going as smoothly as possible. We knew going into this program that the logistic side of things could be muddy at times but you have all done a great job helping out.

We will be handing out rewards for the first nine weeks this upcoming week during AL. Just a reminder to have the second nine week goals set by the end of the week. The rewards they are working towards are:

5 out of 7 goals- Restaurant Coupon Packet

6 out of 7 goals- restaurant coupon packet and free time during AL in gym or cafeteria

7 out of 7 goals- all of the above plus participation in dodgeball tournament and one ticket in grand prize drawing

AL Check Sheet

We will have our next AL grade check on this upcoming Tuesday. Just a reminder that you will now be completing this on a Google Doc form that will be shared with you shortly. Every team has their own google doc form and the tabs at the bottom are all of the tentative dates we will be having AL check sheets.

This is another item that has taken 2 or 3 methods of doing until we fine tune it to our liking. Thanks again for being flexible and understanding as we went through the changes.

Weekly Notes

This week the Yellow team has weekly notes. Please get these to me by Saturday