Happily Ever After (National)

Founded By Amanda Reitz

What my individual has done to help the community.

Happily Ever After helps by giving homeless animals a place to live. The cool thing is that if they never get adopted then they live there. Happily Ever After also works with some people to help you find the animal you want.http://www.happilyeverafterinfo.org

How Did it Help

It helps give animals a forever home. It also helped Amanda Ritz. She got a medal from the federal government. Then she got another job. She soon graduated from U.W Green Bay and got a teaching degree.http://www.youtube.com

Backround Infromation About Amanda Reitz

Amanda Reitz is the founder of Happily Ever After. She started it because of a trip to an animal shelter. Apparently for Amanda it was a bad experience. When she told people she was going to start an animal shelter what they did not think she could do it. http://www.petfinder.com/

What Can I Do

I can start my own animal shelter. That way animals can live there, and if they never get adopted then they can live there. The cool thing is that we will take any animals. Even ones with diseases or broken parts. What inspired me so much was when I took a trip to Happily Ever After. And a couple weeks ago my mom told me that her friend wanted to open a animal shelter. And we can help out there too. If we start an animal shelter then I can raise money and help get food, toys, or any thing else pets need.
An Introduction to Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary