Arkansas between the wars

by: Abbott Patterson

Entertainment in Arknasas

the roaring 20's

people in the 20's nicknamed the era the roaring 20's because cities expanded as people moved away from the farms and began working in factories. women called Flappers cut their hair shortened their skirts and wore makeup art, music, and literature soared

sports in Arkansas

many men 19th century formed local teams to compete against teams from other towns some of the players went up and played professionally some pro retired players stepped down and played on these teams

Flood of 1927

due to heavy rain fall and melting snow the Mississippi river swelled and broke many levees and changed the lives of families, animals, and property in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee,Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

water in arkansas

out of all the states Arkansas received most of the damage. many parts of the state were covered in water up to 30 feet deep. people climbed onto trees and rooftops waiting to be rescued. that year the state suffered crop and property y losses totaling over $50 million.

growing education and Roads

ups and downs in education

the states education system struggled to improve because of the lack of financial support. rural schools were the furthest behind some teachers had not even been high school graduates. Arkansas had one of the worst education systems in the nation until the government decided to step in and made a tax to fund the schools

roads in Arkansas

creating modern roads proved one of the biggest challenges in the state government in the 1900's. even though there were many cars and auto mobiles there was no road making plan each county was responsible for its roads so the roads would stop at the county boundaries.


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