Dynamic Broncos Weekly Update

April 13th - 17th


Hello families! It's hard to believe we are in the final week of the Fifth Six Weeks of School. This year has flown by. Here are some upcoming dates for you to keep in mind.

Important Dates:

Friday, April 17th, 8am - Shrek the Musical

Friday, April 17th, 5:30pm-7:00pm, Upper School - Night of the Arts

Friday, April 17th - End of 5th Six Weeks of School

Wednesday, April 22nd - Report Cards Sent Home

Sunday, May 3rd - Concert for Financial Aid


This is our last week of Acolyting. The schedule for Acolyting is listed below. Please follow this link http://www.bcponline.org/ to the online Book of Common Prayer. The psalms can be found by clicking on “The Psalter” on the left hand side of the page. Please be sure to help Psalm readers practice beforehand.

Our acolytes this week are Bo, Grace and Harrison.

You will find the full Acolyte schedule attached to Weekly Update email.

Reading Workshop

Our nonfiction study continues! We are learning so much from our nonfiction books and we are learning many strategies that great readers of nonfiction use to get the most out of their text. Here are some strategies we have learned/will be learning this week:

  • Readers summarize chunks of text to hold on to new learning;
  • Readers revise their thinking by adding new learning to what they’ve already learned;
  • Readers organize or categorize new information by creating a boxes and bullets outlines that match the text; and

  • Readers find the main idea by looking for “pop-out” sentences (topic, or main idea sentence).

Writing Workshop

Today in Writing Workshop the Dynamic Broncos worked with partners to make sure that the final draft of their opinion piece was an example of the best piece of opinion writing they have ever done. We looked at a mentor text and the Opinion Writing Checklist and looked over our own writing to make sure we had incorporated everything we have learned that writers of opinions do to make their arguments convincing. Many of us discovered that there was more we could do to convince our audiences. Those who decided that there was revision to be done have until Friday to revise their pieces and hand them in for a final grade. Your Dynamic Bronco may need to work on their opinion piece this week. The best way you can help your child is by encouraging them to refer to the checklist to make sure they have done their best work. Their opinion piece should be done independently! Here are some anchor charts that we have been using to help us remember strategies that opinion writers use.


We will have our division assessment on Thursday. A review sheet will go home on Wednesday afternoon. Students can use the links below to help them study for the assessment.

Schoolhouse Rock - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnx6r9S_SJ7I_Msib-Nj-zgROaicmyqA8

Kakooma (multiplication) - http://gregtangmath.com/kakooma

You can also download Kakooma Multiplication as an app for your iPad or iPhone at:


You can download the app for Android devices at:


BreakApart - http://gregtangmath.com/play?game=breakapart

Missing - http://gregtangmath.com/play?game=missing


Sushi Monster


Math Monsters Bingo


10 Monkeys Multiplication


Motion Math - Match - This app, unfortunately, is only available for iPad (not Android) and it is not free. It costs $2.99.


Motion Math - Wings - This app also is only available for iOs devices. It has a bit of a higher price tag. There are three levels. If you buy all three, the cost is $6.99. Alternatively, you can buy each level one at a time. The levels are Pre Multiplication, Basic Multiplicationand Advanced Multiplication. The Basic Multiplication level should be sufficient for now and costs $3.99. If you follow this link: http://motionmathgames.com/motion-math-wings/, you may be able to try the app for free.


Just a reminder that April is National Poetry Month. Our class will be participating in Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 30th. You can read more about Poem in Your Pocket Day by following this link - http://www.poets.org/academy-american-poets/programs/national-poem-your-pocket-day. We will be reading and enjoying poetry together all month and discussing poetic forms.

Please help your child choose a poem and practice reading it for Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 30th.

Check out some pictures of the Dynamic Broncos enjoying a Poetry/Snack break on Wednesday afternoon.


Please check for Spanish updates regularly by following the link below: