Living Forever Is An Adventure!

A Family That Lives Forever!

Missing Child On The Loose

Winnie Foster ran away because she was tired of her family and her parents couldn't find her at first! Than later a man in a yellow suit came to the Fosters front door and said I know where your daughter is. If you want to know where your daughter is give me the woods. So the man in the yellow suit went looking for winnie with the constable. The man in the yellow suit got up and when he got to the Tuck's house he knocked on the door and talked to the Tucks. Then later Mae was protecting winnie and the man in the yellow suit got a big whack on the head and that was the end of the man in the suit and Winnie got to go home.

Creepy Man On The Hunt

The man in the yellow suit is a strange, creepy man because one day in Treegap he followed some of the Tuck's and Winnie. So when Jesse was waiting on Mae and Miles, Jesse saw Winnie and they asked how old each other were and just questions why they were there and questions like that, then Mae and Miles showed up. Then they all hurried on their way. Also they took Winnie because to explain what is going on and why they took her and so on there way they stopped and explain the story to Winnie. Then they all got on their way and then when the Tucks got to their house the man in the yellow suit turned around. Now the man in the yellow suit went to the Fosters and said I know where your daughter is. For Winnie the Fosters sold their woods to the man in the yellow suit and now the Fosters were able to find their baby girl.

Mae Tuck Is In The Slammer

Mae went to jail because she was protecting Winnie and this is how it happened. One day when the Tucks were just at their house the man in the yellow suit came to the house. He tried to grab Winnie but Mae hit him with the shot gun. Right when she hit him the constable came and they said, if he dies you're going to jail. A couple hours later he dies and she is in jail and then Jesse meets Winnie at 12:00 to break Mae out of jail. Later, Jesse, Miles, Winnie, and Angus were at the jail cell trying to get Mae out and switch Mae for Winnie. Then for a long time Winnie foster stayed in jail as Mae.

Author Is Going Bananas With Figurative Language

Author is going bananas over figurative language. Natalie Babbitt says the first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year,like the highest seat of a ferris wheel when it pauses in it's turning. That type of figurative language is called a simile because it has like and as in the sentence. Also the sentence means the person can see the first week of August as a very sweltering day. So as can tell Natalie Babbitt really thinks about her figurative language.

The Family That Will Live Forever!

Tuck EverLasting is a book about a family that lives forever and they have to hide from everyone but one day everything changes. When Jesse was taking a drink from the spring in Treegap, while waiting for Mae and Miles he saw a girl named Winnie Foster. Winnie then tried to take a drink of water out of the spring but out of no where Jesse said Stop! After that Mae and Miles showed up and they grabbed Winnie to tell Winnie why she can't drink the water out of the spring. Winnie noticed that the man in the yellow suit was listening to the whole story and following them back home to the Tucks but Winnie didn't tell the Tucks and when the Tucks got home they had dinner and went to bed. A little bit later the constable came to the Tuck's house right as Mae smacked the man in the yellow suit in the head then the man in the yellow suit wouldn't take Winnie. The man in the yellow suit died so Mae had to go to jail and Winnie went home and Jesse came to Winnie's that night to ask for help and they met that night at 12:00 and got Mae out of jail. Sadly the only way to get Mae free was Winnie trading places with Mae so those two switched and Winnie was in jail for a long time and later when the Tucks went back to Treegap Winnie and the Fosters were dead.

The Mystery Woods

The Mystery Woods is where Winnie Foster lives. It has a lot of trees that are green. For everyone the real name of the mystery woods is Treegap woods. There is also a touch me not cottage in Treegap that is where Winnie lives. In Treegap there is also the spring. The spring is very pretty and it is magical to that is how the Tuck's will live forever. Treegap Woods is one of a kind and it's magical and beautiful place to be.

All About Wonderful Me

My name is Jordyn Hurley I was born on 11/8/2003. Right now I am 11 years old and I have a dog named Hunter and he is 1. My parents names are Sarah and Ryan. MY favorite color is blue and my teacher is Mr. Ayres. Also I am in 5th grade and I have a favorite teacher and it is Miss Sue because she is really nice and sweet. Those are facts all about me!