Marine biologist

What are marine biologist? What do they do?

Why is this important to you?

It's very interesting to me. It's something I could do and never get bored of.

  • What's your main question?

What do I have to do to become one.

  • What do you already know?

They get to go in and take pictures of many things in the and get to discover many new types of fish.

Becoming a marine biologist

Marine biologist is someone who studies all types of sea creatures, and can choose to specialize in studying large ocean animals, all the way down to microscopic organisms. Everything from whales to the plankton they eat, and everything else in between, can be studied.

Marine Biologist earn a salary of $70,800 per year. Typically start from $39,700 and can go up to $24,680

Extra info on Marine Biologist

  • Look for new species of plants and animals.
  • Studies populations of plants and animals.
  • Studies the effect of environmental changes on marine organisms and ecosystems.


Undergraduate degree in biology with courses in:

  • Animal Behavior and Ethology
  • Anima Biology and phy