A new life

A type of life science-SUMMER

My summer activity involves life science because its a new life of baby bunnies, found in my back yard. I choose these pictures because it shows how the mom can create such a good nest for her new children to grow and while she goes out hunting for their food.

A new life

This summer I experienced a new life. My dog was going crazy and digging at a hole and all of the sudden, I moved the grass and WOW... there were four baby bunnies, with their heads popping out and the eyes still shut. WIth only a little hair, with the days going on the bigger they get and the eyes start to open, I experienced life science this summer.

Things about me!!!

  • I play very serous tennis, every day, I love it.
  • I love swimming ( just for fun not a sport ) and have a in ground swimming pool at my house
  • I love playing sports and to describe my I would use Athletic