Overcoming Objections - Day Two

What objections have you been getting???

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My most common objections heard...

Okay so they don't say yes right away, even after I have warmed up and followed up. They may have some reservations, but we are the experts!! We will make sure the 2 hours is amazing and fun plus lots of rewards earned along the way. Come from the mindset we have something amazing to offer and use these responses when getting objections.

Objection #1 I just dont know who to invite??

My response
I had no idea either, but when I sat down to make a list, I realized there were lots of people I knew who would LOVE stella & dot! If I could help you brainstorm list would you be interested?

Objection #2 What if people can't make it?

My response
Not everyone you invite will make it - people are busy! Its perfectly normal for only some guests to attend, but whats most important is getting to connect with friends and try on great style

Objection #3 Im too busy

My response
I understand!! Who isnt busy these days?? Thats why our pop up shop are quick 2 our style sessions in the comfort of your own home. When do you normally get together with your girlfriends? If we can plan a trunk show around that, would you be interested?

Objection# 4 I am not sure I want to ask my friends to spend money

My response
Can you believe half of the line is under $50? Its a style for a steal!! If she is still concerned, theres no pressure to buy! My goal is to share the style with your friends and make it fun for everyone!

Objection # 5 What if my friends have recently been invited

My response
Fantastic! Im so excited that the word is getting out. I bet some of your friends couldnt make the other show, and some didnt get everything on their list, so they'll come to yours!

If they are really saying no....

I always ask for a referral with a smile! My words to say
Thanks so much. Please let me know if you're ever need a gift or a super cute accessory for your wardrobe. Also if you ever know anyone who would enjoy hosting a pop up shop, or interested in learning more about the stylist opportunity let me know. I always treat my referrals to something sparkly! (Once the trunk show materializes or the stylist joins I send a wishing bracelet - everyone wins YAY!!)
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Let's go get'em HOG!!! XO, Beth