Confucianism vs. Taoism

goverment and family roles.

Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is actually more of a teaching than a religion. Taoism is also not a religion, its a religious tradition that believes in harmony for its people. However, both said religions are somewhat similar, but there's also lots of differences between the two. If china's government was founded on confucian principles, women would be inferior, the father and son would be the highest rank of all family members besides the father's father if still alive. They'd have a very structured society, anyone who was educated or a scholar would have to read all of Confucius' teachings. They also believe in no war unless completely nessecary, even then they fight their enemy with respect before, during, and after death. An asain family would be influenced highly because there is 5 key relationships in confucianism; father and son, wife and husband,ruler and subject, friend and friend, and older and younger sibilings.
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is it relevant?

in the history of Taoism, most taoists were secluded in nature and lived on their own. The grounded foundation of Taoism is peace and harmony, i find Taoism relevant and also, more people need to be introduced to it. Have more respectful for every living thing around. All over the news, what do you see? violence. Taoism and Confucianism are two religious teachings that need to be spread, and learned.

Confucius' philosophies and teachings.

Confucius' teaching involved a series of quotes otherwise known as maxims, involving peace of life and respect for everyone, even your enemies. Now what a lot of people dont know is that Confucius didnt come up with these philosophies, he was trying to restore China to it's earlier golden age. Since the later gathering of his ideas, it is a requirement to read the book of Analects for chinese scholars, and for social teachings on being a proper individual.