Preparation group for those who wants to join Godllywood

Godllywood welcomes you to Preppies

What is Preppies?

Preppies is a preparation group for those who wants to join Godllywood.

How can I join Preppies? if you are 25 and under and you took part in the Godllywood Rush Month but you were not able to join Godllywood yet, your Big sister you suggest you to join Preppies where you can continuo to grow and develop. If you are more than 25 years old you can start to do the Godllywood challeng in Mrs cristianes

Can someone that didn't do the Rush Month join Preppies? Yes if they are interested in join Godllywood they can enter in the Preppies group after having an interview with one of the Big Sisters.

Preppies is a group located in a social network called Planet Universal.

If you are expecting an invitation to join Preppies you should:

Wait to receive an email that will ask you to create an profile account.

When opening a profile account in Planet Universal you should use a passport picture of yourself only as after you opening an account it will go to approval.

Ones your profile has been approved you should send a friend request to me Flavia Borges. There is a picture for you to see how my profile looks like, ones you have send me a request I will be able to invite you to join Preppies, you will receive an email asking to accept the group invitation and then you are ready to start to take part in the group. I hope it easy for you to understand the steps you need to follow to join preppies successfully.