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Title I Schools Win Character Counts! Grants from United Way of Martin County

The following United Way of Martin County’s CHARACTER COUNTS! mini-grant applications have been selected for funding and were awarded during a presentation at the November 14 School Board meeting! Congratulations on your success. Thank you for your continued support of United Way of Martin County’s CHARACTER COUNTS! program!

Vonetta Allen, Dr. David L. Anderson Middle

Ruth Casady, Hobe Sound Elementary

Ivana Ayala-Esslinger, Indiantown Middle

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Meditating to Ease Kids

When your brain is full of too many thoughts, it's hard to find the focus you need to get through the day. These seven apps may help kids with learning and attention issues learn how to "reset" when they're feeling overwhelmed.

Many parents say meditation is a helpful tool for their kids. More research is needed to understand how meditation might specifically benefit kids with learning and attention issues. But it can be a good way to help all kids cope with stress and “quiet the mind.” Here are seven apps to introduce your child to meditation. You may also want to check out self-control apps for young kids and for teens and tweens.

(Retrieved from November 23, 2017. Price and availability may vary but were accurate at the time of original publication on, on November 25, 2016. or MCSD does not endorse or receive financial compensation for the sale of any of these products.)

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Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

This free Sesame Street app isn’t specifically for meditation, but it’s great for introducing very young kids to the concept of calming down through breathing. The app teaches kids the “Breathe, Think, Do” method. Kids help an animated monster facing a frustrating situation to calm down by taking long, deep breaths. Afterwards, they help the monster think of a solution and do it.

Price: Free

Available for: Android, iOS

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Founded in 2010, Headspace was one of the first meditation apps on the market. It has a sleek, cool look, and uses fun cartoon videos to teach how meditation works. The app has tons of guided meditations, read by a voice with a British accent. It also has meditations targeted at specific areas, like sports and health. Headspace offers reminders, which can help kids stay on track. It also offers a buddy system so different users can encourage each other. Headspace is for best for teens and older kids. However, it does offer several short meditations for younger children.

Price: Free to try ($12.95 per month subscription)

Available for; Android, iOS

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Scape is an innovative app that allows kids to create their own calming, ambient sound. To do this, they combine shapes, colors and backgrounds to create a sound mix, called a “Scape.” Kids can meditate to the sound of the scape, or they can listen while focusing on other activities, like homework. For the best experience with this app, your child will need headphones or speakers.

Price: $5.99

Available for: iPad

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Settle Your Glitter

This free app helps kids focus on breathing to manage feelings. Kids first name how they’re feeling—mad, sad, silly or worried. Then they press a button for how strong the feeling is. Lastly, they shake their device to release virtual glitter on their screen, which slowly settles. As the glitter settles, kids breathe as a cartoon character grows and shrinks. Kids of all ages can use this app, but younger ones will need help to understand what to do.

Price: Free

Available for: Android, iOS

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Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is a simple meditation app for kids in middle school and older. It has guided meditations and breathing exercises, as well as written instructions on how to meditate. There’s a function where kids can share how their mind and body are feeling, and the app suggests an appropriate meditation. The app also tracks total meditation time and how “settled” kids report they feel.

Price: Free (with in-app options to purchase additional meditations)

Available for: Android, iOS

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Super Stretch Yoga HD

Super Stretch Yoga HD is for yoga, not meditation, but it can help kids learn the importance of relaxation and breathing. The app teaches kids how to do 12 different yoga poses. Each pose is introduced with a short animation, a live video with a child doing the pose, and an explanation. Kids can choose to do one of the poses, or do all of them in rotation. The app gives kids gentle encouragement while kids do the yoga poses, and reminds them to breathe. Super Stretch Yoga HD is best for kids in grade school and Pre-K.

Price: Free

Available for: iPad

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The Calm app offers a new meditation every day, along with 7- to 21-day meditation programs like “7 Days of Calming Anxiety” or “7 Days of Focus.” Most of the meditations are guided, but there are options for unguided timed meditations, too. Guided meditations are read aloud by a pleasant, soothing voice. Kids can also listen to sounds like ocean waves or wind. It’s free to try the app’s first program and a few stand-alone guided meditations. There’s a fee to access more. Calm is best for older teens and young adults. Parents may want to try the app too. And if you have a younger child, Calm offers sleep stories to read to kids to help them relax and sleep better.

Price: Free to try ($9.99 per month membership)

Available for: Android, iOS

When the Relatives Came to Visit Hobe Sound Elementary School!

Pinewood Annual Thanksgiving Feast!

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Indiantown Middle School hosted their 10th Annual Veterans Day Luncheon!

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Warfield Kindergarteners are Readers!

We are Readers Celebration of learning at Warfield Elementary School. Kindergarten students celebrated their progress on completion of their reading unit - WE are Readers!

Jen Bacchiochi Named Literacy Coach of the Year by the Florida Reading Assosciation!

Jen Bacchiochi, Literacy Coach at Warfield Elementary School, was recognized by the Florida Reading Association as Literacy Coach of the Year for the State of Florida!

Kickball is a PBIS Incentive at Warfield!

PBIS or Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support kickball games promote following PBIS STAR expectations. Students paid to play kickball against other classes and grade levels.

Awesome Authors Afterschool Club at Port Salerno Elementary School!

PSE is excited to have the opportunity for students to work with Donna Gephart, an award winning author! PSE hosted an after-school writing club with author Donna Gephart, where the students moved through the writing process to create a finished piece of work.

First Ever Girls Volleyball Championship Team at Anderson Middle School

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National Junior Honor Society Inductee Ceremony at Anderson Middle School!

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Save the Date! March 3, 2018 sees the return of Book Mania at JBHS!

MCLS is pleased to announce the return of


the most prestigious literary event on the Treasure Coast!


Saturday, March 3, 2018 9am-4:30pm


Jensen Beach High School Performing Arts Center

Authors will participate in one of multiple panel discussions featuring prominent and emerging writers. Specific panel themes include: Know Your Body, Know Your Food; A Dogs Tale; All in the Family: Writing Teams; The Spy Next Door: True Tales of Espionage and Intrigue; Relationships in History: Then and Now; and On the Edge of Your Seat.

BookMania! is free and open to the general public. As part of a collaborative effort with Barnes & Noble booksellers, the Martin County School District will be collecting books for their K-12 book drive in conjunction with this event. Additionally, a ticketed sponsors' event, A Literary Affair, will be held on the evening prior to the festival.

This popular program has achieved national recognition for its stellar authors, record attendance, and impressive book sales. Now in its 24th year, BookMania! remains a favorite destination for a wide and diverse audience. Bookmania! is sponsored by The Library Foundation of Martin County, Inc.

Library events are free and open to the public. See you there!

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Look for picture and read-aloud books.

There are many kinds of children's books about historical people, places, and events at the library. You may wish to look for books related to:

  • your own family history
  • places you have visited (or are going to visit)
  • events and people that your child is studying in school.

Don't forget the fiction

Sometimes a good story is the best way to spark interest in a new topic! Books that are written from a child's point of view or as a children's diary are often popular for young readers.

Ask the librarian for help

If your child develops an interest in a specific event or person, ask the school or public librarian for suggestions of related books.

Look for clues

As you read books about history together, ask your child to look for clues related to the time period. What does he notice about the location, clothes, transportation, and houses? How have those things changed over time?

Look for books about familiar places

When you find a historic painting or photo of a familiar place, ask your child about what things that have changed or stayed the same. Perhaps there is a building where there used to be a park, or perhaps you can find a photo of the old theater downtown when it first opened.

Keep a map and globe nearby

Show your child where the things you're reading about happened, whether it's in your neighborhood or on the other side of the world.

Help older children find chapter books about historical topics

Children who are reading on their own have a wide variety of chapter books to choose from. A number of series books focus on historic themes as well, such as The American Girls and Magic Tree House books.

Look for other kinds of reading material as well

Magazines, posters, kids' newspapers, flash cards, comic books, and graphic novels all can present historic information in a fun way.

Follow up with other activities

When your child develops an interest in a topic from history, look for places to visit related to that topic, such as living history museums or historic sites. You may also be able to find TV shows, movies, and websites with information for kids about history.

Look at those resources together so you can talk about what you see and how it compares with the books you've been reading.

Other resources include:


U.S. Department of Education: Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs. Helping Your Child Learn History. Washington, D.C., 20202

(Retrieved from on November 30, 2017.)

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What is iReady?

i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction is an online, interactive earning environment designed to assess students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student’s unique need.

iReady Login Link

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The Martin County School District has launched our new mobile app, which is now available for iPhones®, iPads®, Android™, Blackberry™ and Windows™ devices by searching “Martin County Schools” from SchoolInfo App. The free app enables parents, students, alumni, faculty and staff to quickly access all of the who, what, when and where for the District and every school in the district.
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Title I/Migrant/ELL Services Department

The Color of Our Worlds is an Electronic Newsletter for the school communities of:

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HSE: Hobe Sound Elementary School

IMS: Indiantown Middle School

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