Health & Safety Memo #1

August 13, 2021


While last year had its challenges, the school was able to achieve its goal of opening for in-person learning, five days a week, without interruption. We feel this success was the result of careful planning, solid communication, and our community’s response to our re-opening plan. Using last year's success as our model, we will continue to use the guidance from both the Agency of Education and the Vermont Department of Health to inform our decisions and practices.

This Health and Safety Memo is based on the first of our state’s recommendations, released by the Agency of Education, in collaboration with the Vermont Department of Health. We anticipate releasing updated memos as the Agency of Education and the Vermont Department of Health provide additional and more detailed information designed to help keep our students, staff, and families safe and learning.

Please understand that our guidance, like last year, is a work in progress. As more information and recommendations become available, we will update our plans and communicate these plans with you. We hope that this first memo will at least provide some initial understanding of what the start of our school year will look like.


As we begin the school year, everyone who enters the school and/or participates in any school-sponsored function, must wear a mask and use hand sanitizer, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are not required when outdoors or when eating or drinking.


PK3 and PK4: drop-off begins at 7:45 am and concludes at 8:00 am.

K-8: drop-off begins at 7:30 am and concludes at 8:00 am.

  • Parents of students in PK3 and PK4 (along with older siblings) must enter at the Manosh Early Childhood entrance with their student during morning drop-off (7:45 am - 8:00 am), as parents must sign-in their PK student each day. Once the PK student is signed in, parents with older siblings may accompany their older student to the K-8 section of the school. Parents of older siblings also have the option to depart after signing in their PK student and allow the older sibling to proceed to the K-8 section of the school independently.
  • Parents of students in grades K-8 may walk their child into the K-8 entrance of the building during morning drop-off (7:30 am - 8:00 am). Parents of students in grades K-8 also have the option to drop-off their student in front of the K-8 entrance of the school.
  • Students in grades K-8 who arrive between 7:30 am and 7:50 am will report to the multi-purpose room where they will be supervised until dismissed to their homerooms at 7:50 am. K-8 students arriving between 7:50 am - 8:00 am may walk directly to their homerooms.


  • PK3 has an adjusted dismissal schedule the first week of school.
  • PK4 has an adjusted attendance and dismissal schedule the first week of school.
  • K has an adjusted attendance schedule the first week of school.
  • Please see the July Edition to review attendance and dismissal schedules for these grades.


PK-8 Dismissal begins at 3:00 pm and concludes at 3:15 pm.

  • PK parents must enter at the Manosh Early Childhood entrance to sign out their child. PK parents may then proceed to the K-8 area of the school to retrieve older siblings.
  • K-8 parents must enter the school through the K-8 entrance and retrieve their child at their child's homeroom.
  • RCT riders will be dismissed from their homerooms and wait in the multi-purpose room of the K-8 building until the bus arrives. Older siblings may retrieve younger siblings and they will wait together.


Pre-registration to attend the ASP is required and space is limited! Families may pre-register here. ASP runs from 3:15 pm - 5:15 pm and is located in the Manosh Early Childhood wing of the school.

ASP is not available to students on early release days, whether the early release is initiated by the school or family.


Information regarding fall sports was included in our July Edition. We are currently working on filling coaching vacancies for our 3/4 and 5/6 co-ed teams. If you're interested, please reach out to Coach Bu at


School breakfast and lunch are free of charge for all students again this year, thanks to the extended USDA grant offered to all schools.

Breakfast and lunch orders (menus are coming - stay tuned!) must be made through your Family Portal. We encourage ordering by the month. Click here to learn how!


All breakfasts/snacks will be delivered to classrooms by 9:00 am for those who choose to order the school's offering. Students may also bring their own breakfast/snack from home.


Lunches for those who choose to order the school's offering will be pre-served by our food service staff. Students may also bring their own lunch from home.

  • PK3, PK4 & K will eat at 11:20 am in the multi-purpose room of the Manosh Early Childhood wing.
  • Grades 1-4 will eat in the multi-purpose room of the K-8 building at 11:30 am.
  • Grades 5-8 will eat in the multi-purpose room of the K-8 building at 12:05 pm.

Due to (possible) contact tracing considerations, students will eat with their classmates at designated tables in their lunch areas.


There are no physical distancing guidelines for classrooms.


  • PK3-PK4: Times vary, please check with your child's teacher. Students will enjoy recess in the designated PK playground area.
  • Grades K-4: Recess will be held 12:05 pm -12:50 pm in the K-8 playground and fields.
  • Grades 5-8: Recess will be held 11:40 am -12:00 pm in the K-8 playground and fields.


We will welcome back Nurse Chris Yates to BJAMS! Nurse Yates will be in the building to assist with all health and safety issues from 7:30 am-1:00 pm daily.

Students who are sick must stay home. This is a vital component of keeping our community healthy and safe. All students must stay home if they:

  • Show symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Have a fever (temperature greater than 100.4°F); or
  • Are currently in quarantine due to close contact with an individual with COVID-19 or in isolation due to testing positive for COVID-19.

If symptoms present while at school, parents/family will notified and the student will be sent home immediately. While awaiting retrieval, the student will be isolated from other staff and students as he/she waits.



We are excited to be able to come together as a whole school again! We will celebrate our weekly Mass on Wednesdays and Morning Assembly on Tuesdays and Fridays, both of which will be held in our K-8 multi-purpose room. Younger students will once again be partnered with older student buddies.


  • Over the summer months, we release monthly newsletters to keep families up-to-date on the latest news and need-to-know information. Once school is in session, we transition to weekly newsletters we call Friday Notes.
  • We will publish updated Health and Safety memos with important and updated information, relative to COVID protocols, as the updates become available.
  • We use a Parent Alert notification system when we need to get news to you quickly (via email, text, and phone).
  • Many teachers send email newsletters and have classroom websites - please check with your child's homeroom teacher.
  • Grades and assignments are posted on the Family Portal for students in grades 2-8; be sure to check weekly.
  • The Daily Newsletter we published last year will pause since we may once again welcome families into the building.


Back To School Night (September 9): To help reduce the number of people in our building, we invite you to attend Back-to-School Night in two sessions.

  • PK through Grade 4 Families: We invite you to visit your child's classroom between 4:30 pm -5:00 pm.
  • Grades 5-8 Families: We invite you to visit your child's classroom between 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm.
  • Families with students in both sessions: If you have children in both the upper and lower school, consider attending between 4:45 pm (to visit lower school classrooms) and 5:10 pm (to visit upper school classrooms).

Homecoming (September 24): This is an outdoor event and we intend to move forward with hosting It. Please stay tuned for more details!

Parent/Teacher Conferences (October 21): Teachers and parents may schedule conferences either via Zoom or in-person. Please stay tuned for sign-ups in October.


Should a student be absent from school due to quarantine, exposure, or illness, all K-8 students will find their missed assignments in their Google Classroom. Google Classrooms will be set up at the beginning of the school year and your child's homeroom teacher will provide details to familiarize your student and family with Google Classroom.

Teachers will post all missed assignments for absent students and upload all necessary materials and/or videos into Google Classroom by 3:30 pm each day. Students are permitted one additional day for each day of absence to complete assignments.


Frequent hand and surface sanitization measures by teachers, staff, and students will continue.


A full list of clinics, clinic hours and registration information can be found at