Greece Artists

Sculptors, Musicians, And Writers


There are many forms of art and so many sculptors one really famous sculptor is Phidias. He made a famous Zeus statue dedicated to the Zeus temple. There are many famous sculptors another very famous sculptor is lady of Auxerre which was made out of limestone Cretan.


Back in Greece there were a lot of consorts and for all consorts there has to be a musician and there are a lot of famous musicians in ancient Greece. One very famous musician from Greece is Olympus who is very famous when he lived in Greece, he used to preform in concerts and play music for people. One piece of music he composed was auletic.


Two forms of writing that were created in Greece are drama and history which many people used to write about because back then when it was just coming out everyone though it was such a good writing form and everyone liked it. If you are a writer and you live in Greece you will usually be inspired by myths.