January News

Mme Inions

Full Steam Ahead!

Here is a quick overview of our busy January!

Math: We are currently completing our review of "numbers to 1000". We will be reviewing how to use number lines as a counting tool, representing numbers in a variety of ways and working with base ten material. Once we are comfortable with these concepts again, we will complete the unit assessment and move on to addition and subtraction to 1000. Students will be taught both concepts using the new math as well as the "old" way. I will post a few videos for parents so that everyone can see how the kids are learning the addition and subtraction horizontally.

Science: We are moving on to a new unit! Next week, we will be starting "Building and testing materials". This combined unit is my favourite! Students will have the opportunity to build suspension bridges, learn about buildings and architecture all while having many hands-on opportunities to test various materials they will be building with. Please feel free to send in empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls so we can experiment with cylinders and card board.

French: We continue to read daily and focus on learning the more complex French sounds such as gn, eille, euille.... Students are also working on developing their reading comprehension strategies as well.

We are currently learning how to write reports. Students are quite excited about researching an animal of interest and writing their own report about the animal's habitat, what they eat and other interesting facts! There will be a portion of the research to be completed at home. Parents will receive a letter on Monday that will outline expectations as well as research criteria. Then, students will bring their information to school so that we can begin writing our reports. As a visual component to this project, students will also create dioramas of the researched animal in it's habitat! Please send in a shoe box for your child to use.

English: We will be starting a new unit of study next week. We will be working with and studying wordless books! There are so many options to choose from. This is a great way to continue to develop comprehension skills by interpreting the pictures and understanding the story. For our writing component, we are working on our very own story inspired by Jan Brett.

Social Studies: This month, we will be focusing on how the environment affects natural resources as well as employment in the 4 countries of study. Students will select a country to study and write a report presenting a geographical description, natural resources (exports) as well what work is available to the citizens of that country.

Soup Day: The Healthy School Committee has organized a Souper Day on January 14th. Notes were sent home last week asking parents to send in a vegetable (pre-cut), bowls or spoons and broth. If you didn't receive the note, please let me know and I will be sure to send it your way! We have plenty of carrots and onions! Please feel free to send in a vegetable that isn't listed... Don't forget that the soup will be an extra snack so please be sure to send in a full lunch that day.

Lastly, over the winter break, I decided to go back to my maiden name. Therefore, you will see my name change in my email address (although I am not sure when this will be effective) as well as a change of name on our school website. As a result, I will be going by Natasha Constant. Not to worry, if you call me by Mme Inions, I will still answer !

At Home Learning Activities

Are you looking for academic activities your child can do at home? Does your child need some extra practice time, or is s/he yearning for a challenge? We have access to a variety of webtools in our classroom, and the students are now familiar with their use. The two best things about them: they are individualized, so your child is working at an appropriate skill level, and they are FUN!






If you have any questions or would like some more information as to how to log in and get started, please let me know and I will gladly share a parent package with anyone interested.

For your Calendar

January 12: Jersey Day and Parent Council meeting

January 14: Souper Healthy Day

January 20th: Hot lunch - Tacos

January 22nd: No school for students

January 28: Special Snack- Donuts