Mrs. Butera's Class

March 18, 2016

Very Proud

I am very proud of how well behaved all of the kids were during Wednesday's incident. They kept calm and followed what we had practiced. Thank your for your quick response in coming to get the kids for the early dismissal. They were very happy to see you.
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We are very happy to welcome spring this weekend! Too bad we have snow in the forecast.

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Parent Teacher Conferences

I have many spots left for conferences if you would like one. Please refer to the email that I sent out earlier in the week from Sign Up Genius. Thanks!

In Need Of...

We have depleted our supply of kleenex, purell type hand cleaner and baby wipes. If anyone has a spare that they can send in, we would greatly appreciate. We have had lots of runny noses in our class and we are trying to keep the germs away. Thanks in advance!
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Morning Exercise Time

I have added a 10 minute exercise time to our morning schedule. If the weather permits, we go outside. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we do a few brain break activities on the projector in our classroom. Either way I have them up and moving! We still have our 20 minute recess in the afternoon.

In case you deleted last week's newsletter......

Here are the sites we use at school:

1) Our newest is Your child's username is their first name without a capital first letter followed by their lunch code. (no space between their name and their number. ) Everyone's password is 1234.

2) Username: wakefieldh Password: books

3) We use Xtramath also. They sign in with their first name and I changed everyone's password to 1234.

4) The kids love This site is free on computers, but there is a charge on tablets.

5) Starfall is also a favorite.