Equality for Women

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How did the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and Vatican II affect women's lives over the years?

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Significant Content of the Civil War

Civil War’s lasting effects include abolishing the institution of slavery in America and firmly redefining the United States as a single, indivisible nation rather than a loosely bound collection of independent states.

1. This war was the bloodiest war in the United States.

2. Women played key roles in the Civil War, like aiding and nursing the men in it.

3. Many men died in the war fighting, leaving the women to take care of the families alone.

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Significant Content of the Civil Rights Movement

Goals were to end racial segregation and discrimination against black Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizens. The Civil Rights Movement was not only for African- Americans but also for Mexican-Americans.
1. Many important women were associated with the Civil Rights Movement.

2. Many African American women organized marches against discrimination.

3. Mexican-American women were also associated with the Civil Rights Movement.

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Influencial Women in the Civil Rights Movement

Key Moments In the civil rights movement


Aretha Franklin wrote this song to tell men that women deserve respect. This song came out in 1967, and addressed men during the Women's Rights Movement, which took place right after the Civil Rights Movement.

Abena Prempeh

Aretha Franklin- Respect by Abena Prempeh

Significant Content of Vatican ll

Not just external practices have changed since this revolutionary council, but the entire orientation of the Church has changed. The view of the church has changed, because of the Church Reform. So much was changed in the church like: the praying of the rosary, the catechism, less focus on the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary, changed music and artwork, and a new educational system. (To see more changes click on the button below.)

1. Priests started speaking in the language of the congregation, and they also started facing the congregation during Mass.

2. Nuns started dressing like regular people, and no longer had to wear their habits.

3. Less discrimination of Judaism, because they used to think that they were "the ones that killed Jesus."

How did Vatican II affect women?

Since Vatican II women have been allowed to participate more in helping with Mass. It used to be that women could not read or altar serve in Mass. Also nuns no longer have to wear their habits, and they started dressing more casually like other women. Although the Church Reform changed a lot some people say that their was not enough changes to the women in the church.

What are some connections in the the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Christian Reform?

The fact that women didn't have enough say in things is a similarity in all three of the events, but there are more similarities than that. Not only was it that women didn't have equal rights it was also that African-Americans and Mexican-Americans did not have enough rights too. In all three there was a lack of social justice somewhere.