'Undefeated' Documentary

The Manassas High School Football Team

The Film's Message

The purpose of this film was to show the viewer that if you are willing to work for something, good things will happen. The team went from being the worst in the city, to one of the best. Although they did not win state, the were still "Undefeated" because they never gave up.

Thesis: The filmmakers did a great job at getting the message of the film across by following the team, show their home lives, and interviewing the staff.

Following the Team

The filmmakers did best at this because they were able to catch the stuff that goes on during the game on the sidelines. During the game when the team would "screw up" Coach Courtney would burst out during the game and not at the players after the game.

Home Lives

During the film, the coach would talk to the players about how their home life was and how they were doing in school. He would help them in anyway that he could, whether it was with a home problem or a subject in school.


The film would not have had the same effect if it wasn't for the interviews with Coach Courtney about the team's progress. The film would have basically been another basic documentary about a sports team instead of showing the coach not only coach them in the sport but in their lives as well.


In sum. The film did a great job of getting the purpose across by following the team, showing the players home lives, and exclusive interviews with the team, and coach.