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What is Classism?

Classism: A biased or discriminatory attitude made by distinctions between social and economic classes. Classism is when people are judged on how rich or how poor people are, in fact there are 3 classes that divide groups of people (Upper Class, Lower Class and Middle Class).

Books on Classism

Gap Between Rich and Poor Growing

Ontario ranks last since it spends the least amount of money on special programs and financial support for children. The Brampton-Mississauga Labour Council and Peel Poverty Action Group are working together to create ideas to help improve our status. They are working with other groups in Ontario too. Motillal Sarjoo is president of the Brampton-Mississauga Labour Council spoke to a new report on poverty to help get ideas. The article is called "Faling Behind."


Child Poverty on the Rise in Ontario

The Child Poverty Report Card released in 2010 showed that child poverty had rised by 1.1% from 2008 in Ontario. That means that there are 412 000 kids or 1 in 6 children in Ontario living in poverty.


Poverty Reduction Strategy: Ontario Child Benefit
This is a video about a women who lived under poverty with her children but was helped by the government to get out of it. Now she is helping other people that are facing the same problems as her so that they won't feel alone.


Action for Poverty Relief
This video is about a local Brampton company called Action For Poverty Relief. They raise money, collect food, clothes and materials to help low income families in Ontario. They have stores for picking up and dropping of supplies. They make sure every child has a chance to do well in school and that they have a good life.

Brampton in Need

Shouldn't every family have the right to pay rent and feed their children?

- 1 in 5 children in Peel live in Poverty

- 40% of our clients are children under the age of 10

- We serve over 56,000 meals in the past year

- 40% of people living in Peel shelters are working

- 167,000 residents are living below the poverty line.

- These families spend 64% of their household income on food and clothing

- The unemployment rate in Brampton is approximately 6.6%

- Our Pantry has over 500 families registered

The Knight's Table is a company that helps children in the Peel Region that rae living under poverty.


The local chain, Loblaws, has donated $25 000.00 to help people that have been suffering in Brampton because of the ice storm. They are sending gift cards to families that can't afford to get any food because of the damages.

Children and Youth Services Minister Teresa Piruzza announced Tuesday that $3 million will go towards providing elementary school students with healthy breakfasts and snacks.

She said the funding will create over 200 new programs and feed more than 30,000 children in communities with the highest needs.

Funding dedicated to Ontario's nutrition programs will create over 200 new programs and feed more than 30,000 children in high-needs communities, the governing Liberals said Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013.

"Our goal is to improve the health and education of all our children," she said at the CTV interview.

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Poverty in Peel

Poverty in Peel

Poverty is a serious problem in Peel. In 2006, 15% of Peel's population or 167,000 people were living below the Low Income Cut-off, up from 11.5% or 115,000 in 2001. The Peel Poverty Strategy Committee has been formed in response to this growing problem. It is chaired by the Region of Peel and United Way Peel Region and comprised of a diverse number of agencies, grassroots organizations, stakeholders as well as local governments committed to reducing poverty in the region.