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2015-16: A Year of Learning, Making and Designing Together

It's Testing Time (but that doesn't mean it's not Learning Time too)

Please, please, please, be on top of the Emails Ms. Yox is sending you about testing. She has made detailed schedules for all our testing. Please make sure you know when we are testing and what your role is in that testing. I am repeating much of what she sends in this newsletter, but please use Ms. Yox's emails as your guide.

I know we are testing a ton. But we all also know that while proficiency on these tests is our goal, proficiency does not mean college readiness. The rhythm of teaching and learning is totally disrupted by testing. But we must make sure that classes are occurring and students are actively engaged in those classes around the testing schedule.

Individual Meetings This Week

Please make sure you have read the email I sent to everyone on Friday, April 8th. Each of you received an email inviting you to your fifteen minute meeting with me on Monday or Tuesday. If I haven't considered your proctoring schedule, please let me know.

As a reminder, we will discuss:

-What you intend for students to learn in the upcoming week

-What standard(s) you are teaching during the week

-How you will know if the students are learning what is intended

-What your plan is for students who may not be learning what is intended

-What support you need from me to help all students learn what is intended during the week

I will be coming around this week to visit classes and check lesson plans. I won't be collecting anything, and these are non-evaluative visits. Please leave your lesson plan for the day on your desk, so I don't need to interrupt your lesson to ask you for it.

Robotics This Week:

There is Robotics this Wednesday, but because of testing, it will be for 9th grade students only.

Testing This Week

Our next round of testing includes both the ProCore and QualityCore assessments. ProCore subjects include: World History, American History, American Government, Biology, and Chemistry. QualityCore subjects include: Geometry and Algebra II. These tests begin on Monday, April 11 at 8:20am.

On Monday, April 11 and Wednesday, April 13, we will follow our regular school schedule. On Tuesday, April 12, we will follow a reverse schedule (7th - 1st). Please inform students all day on Monday that we will follow a reverse schedule on Tuesday.

The testing schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 11, 2016 - World History, American History, American Government ProCore Assessments
Start Time: 8:20AM

End Time: 10:00AM

World History Proctors: Stickel, Paris, O'Hara, White

American History Proctors: Witt, Senor, Beavers, Bailey
American Government Proctor: Yeung

Late Arrivals: Romito (1st), Farmer (2nd)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - Biology, Chemistry ProCore Assessments

Start Time: 8:20AM

End Time: 10:00AM

Ninth Grade Biology Proctors: Stickel, Paris, O'Hara, White

Tenth Grade Biology Proctors: Gill, Senor, Romito (7th)/Witt (6th), Bailey
Chemistry Proctor: Yox (7th), Yeung (6th)

Late Arrivals: Beavers (7th), Ezepue (6th)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - Geometry, Algebra II QualityCore Assessments

Start Time: 8:20AM

End Time: 10:00AM

Geometry Proctors: Senor, Witt, Yeung, Bailey
Algebra II Proctor: Beavers, Romito (1st) / Ezepue (2nd)

Late Arrivals: O'Hara (1st), Farmer (2nd)

Unless testing, classes will take place as normal (and pass at the bell), with no passes during classes.

Changing Proctoring Schedules and Coverages

It is extremely difficult to make a testing schedule that is equitable and maintains everyone's prep time. If you need any changes to be made, you must speak with both Ms. Yox and with me with plenty of time in advance to change the schedule.

Testing Schedule Changes! Please Be Aware of This and Let Students Know On Monday

On Tuesday, April 12, we will follow a reverse schedule (7th - 1st). Please inform students all day on Monday that we will follow a reverse schedule on Tuesday.

Very few students were aware of our reverse schedule day last week. Please make sure you inform students of our schedule change on Monday!

Proctor Responsibilities

Each proctor will be assigned students, similar to the groupings used for the Spring NWEA offering. These lists will be posted on the office window by Friday, April 8, 2016. Tests will take place in the proctor's classroom. Ms. Bailey will test in 202A and Ms. White will test in 203A for all tests. On Tuesday, Romito/Witt will test in 203 and Yox/Yeung will test in 209. On Wednesday, Romito/Ezepue will test in 207.

In terms of proctor requirements, proctors will need to:

  • Collect cell phones from students prior to testing.
  • Distribute test booklets and answer sheets.
  • Monitor the testing room until 10am. No student is allowed to leave the testing room until testing has ended throughout the building.
  • Collect test booklets and answer sheets at the conclusion of testing.

Late arrivals, as well as any 11th/12th grade students enrolled in a proctor's class, will be monitored each day. Ms. Yox will place a note on each proctor's door with instructions for these students. Ms. Yox will also provide you with the test booklets and answer documents each morning.

Making at Other Schools

Here's an article written by Pam Moran. She's the superintendent of Albermarle County in Virginia. If you remember, that's the same school district we read about when we read and discussed the group of students making their own telegraphs. I've met Pam and heard her speak. She's a dynamic district leader. Check out her thoughts about changing high school.

What is College Readiness?

We talk about college readiness all the time. Here's a college application essay written by a senior who is now admitted to all the Ivy League schools and Stanford. Check it out. Not only is it impressive, but it's creative and a great read. I share this with you, so we have an example of what college readiness is for students at the top. The goal isn't to compare our students to this piece of writing. But it is worth seeing what the top schools in the country view as college readiness and how far we still have to go.

200 Minutes This Week

Monday, April 11-Personal Planning Time

Tuesday, April 12-Data Meeting-Bring laptops-we will be reviewing NWEA Data

Wednesday, April 13-Mandatory AIR Testing Protocol Meeting-led by Ms. Yox

Thursday, April 14-Learning by Doing

CAO Meeting on Tuesday

I will be at the CAO Meeting all day on Tuesday. Mr. Senor will be the teacher in charge.