Michael kors

Amberly Habit & Cindy Ejindu

Birthday, Birthplace, Education, Experience

-August 9, 1959

-Long Island, New York

-Fashion Institute of technology

-Designed mothers wedding dress at the age of 5 years old and worker at the french boutique Lothars where he also designed

Marital status, What the designer is doing, Famous for, Awards

- Married to Lance Leperie

-He is retired from the show Project Runway but his designer labels are still being sold, and he is still designing.

-Simple, elegantly tailored clothing and his role on Project Runway

-Emmy Award and CFDA International Award

His Designs


Watches, wallets, Jewelry, Sunglasses, Perfume/cologne, belts, scarves, and keychains.

Price Range

$900-$2000. This is Bridge because his things are very expensive and he only makes a few of them. They are not one of a kind, but he has stores where stuff is discounted so soccer moms and dads can feel luxury too. This line is called Michael.

Other Products

Bags, shoes, watches, accessories, perfume, wallets, sunglasses

3 Important Facts

-Having started designing clothes at age 19, Michael dropped out of FIT to design for small Manhattan boutiques.

-When he was 23, he convinced formidable fashion editor Anna Wintour – then of New York magazine, now the editor of Vogue – to view his namesake collection, which helped boost his profile in the fashion world.

-As an American designer for casual wear, Kors competes mainly with Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren; however, critics say that Michael Kors is one of the last American designers today that hasn’t looked overseas for style inspiration.