Class News

Miss Sweeney's Kindergarten

What a Week!

Book Buddies

We met our 3rd Grade book buddies, which we will be meeting with every Friday for the rest of the year! This is a great opportunity for both grade levels to feel confident about their reading with a peer. The kindergarteners look to the 3rd graders as a mentor and the 3rd graders feel important and valued teaching the younger students.

Number Corner

Our calendar program is well under way with the month of September beginning this week. The students are getting to know how a calendar tells information about the month, day of the week, date and year. We are also beginning to notice a pattern in the first few dates. As the month continues on, we hope to find even more patterns! We are also recording how many days we've been in school each morning by adding a dot to the ten-frame and a link to the chain. Every day, the number corner leader also spins for cubes to add to our weekly collection. At the end of this week, we looked at all of the cubes we collected each day and estimated how many we thought there were before counting them. I was so impressed by how close our estimations were! We collected 10 cubes, and most students estimated 9, 10 or 11!

Read to Self

We have reached 15 minutes of stamina for Read to Self! Only 5 minutes left to reach our goal! We are doing a great job of being independent problem solvers and staying focused on our reading.

Work on Writing

We launched our second Daily Five, "Work on Writing." The students have been able to use what they have learned from Writer's Workshop to independently produce some writing about what they know.

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