Amerigo Vespucci

By Matthew C

Mini Bio: Amerigo Vespucci

Early Life

He was the third son of a very cultured family. He was born on march 9 1541 in florence Italy. Even though he was a citizen of italy he became a Citizen in spain in 1505. He received early education from his uncle named Giorgio Antonio Vespucci.

When amerigo vespucci was in his 20s his uncle gave him a job. His uncle was the ambassador of king louis Xi of france who sent him on a mission to paris this made Vespucci like navigation and exploration


Vespucci embarked his first voyage in May 10 1479 from Cadiz in Spain with a group

of other spanish ships. He sailed through the west indies and made their way to Central America. He then arrived back to Cadiz Spain in October 1498. He then embarked on 3 other expeditions but he sailed under portugal instead of Spain.

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Americas Name sake

America was named after Amerigo Vespucci because he discoverd south america so they named it after him. He also might have discoverd more than christiphor collumbous a paper from that time said.

Vespuccis discoveres

He discovered the Amazon river and capecod. Vesspuci discoverd south america but however like christiphore culumbous he called it the new world. He also wrote about all of his dies he will have someting to leave behind so he gets fame and glory. People say he was one of the most succesful explorers.

His last years

On febuary 22, 1512 he died of malaria at age 58.