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The capital of Ecuador is Quito. The official country name is Ecuador.
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Ecuador is located in South Africa. Peru is a neighbor of Ecuador

The flag

The Ecuador flag has three colors and a design on it. The yellow stripe means the sun and the gold of our ancestors. It is also a symbol of generosity, represents fertility and abundance of the nations crop
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The population of Ecuador is 15.74 million


The type of government that Ecuador has is representative democracy. Their leader is Rafael correa
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Ecuadors currency has the same dollar as the U.S except instead of U.S presidents it has famous Ecuadorean.

Cultural activities

In Ecuador there are many activities some examples are Easter week which is when te March of the penitents happens. Ecuador also happens to Listen to many different Latin songs.
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There are many kinds of food in Ecuador. Some examples is cuy (roasted guinea pig), granadilla (passion fruit), naranjilla (several types of bananas), uvilla taxo (tree tomatoes)
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Tourist attractions

There are a lot of cool places to visit in Ecuador. Some cool places to visit are the Amazon Raintforest. This rainforest is a beautiful place to visit with many exoctic animals and plants an many wonderful veiws. Another good place to visit is the Cayambe-Coca National Park. This cool to cost becuase of its famous waterfall called Rafael Waterfall. whale watching is also a cool tourist attractions because people get to watch the biggest mamals of the ocean swim right if front of their eyes!
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