School District 622

Information for District Families

From Superintendent Tucci Osorio

Dear 622 Families,

At the beginning of the school year, District 622 families were asked to select a learning model. Options included either hybrid learning (in-person part-time) or distance learning (online full-time). With Trimester 2 beginning on Monday, November 30, 2020, we are asking families who want to switch learning models to request a change at this time.

  • If your student wants to remain in their current learning format, there is no action required.

  • Students currently in the hybrid model will stay in that model unless the district or school transitions to full-time distance learning.

  • Parents and guardians who want to change their student’s learning format should contact their school’s main office to coordinate the transition.

    • Note: The ability to switch to hybrid learning will be based on available classroom space and current staffing levels.

  • The district may be required to transition to distance learning at any time, at any level, based on county-level public health data.

  • Parents/guardians can switch learning formats to 622 Online at any time during the trimester by contacting the school to make the request.

Please request any changes for Trimester 2 by Friday, October 30, 2020.

I am pleased to report that since we’ve returned to hybrid learning, our COVID case rates have been low inside of our school buildings. Please visit our website to view our newly published COVID-19 dashboard.

Each week, we continue to monitor our county-level COVID case rates. You may be aware that both Ramsey County and Washington County are seeing increases in COVID-19 cases. We are currently working with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to review this latest data. In collaboration with MDH, the Minnesota Department of Education will be advising our next steps.

We are not announcing any changes to our learning model at this time; however, we must be prepared to shift learning models if COVID rates continue to increase. Our secondary families (grades 6-12 and Transition) should start thinking about what a change to full-time distance learning might look like for your family.

We will share another update with you next week as we continue to monitor our COVID trends.


Christine Tucci Osorio