Bobcat Bytes

September 17, 2021

Dear Bobcat Virtual Families,

We continue to move forward into the school year, and I'm excited to see what comes next!

I'd like to take a moment to thank the parents who attended our PTO meeting this week. We had some great discussions about opportunities for student involvement, and you'll be hearing more from your PTO soon.

Congratulations to our new PTO officers:

  • President - Erika Lorick
  • Vice President - Laura Duncan
  • Secretary - Meg Sprecher
  • Treasurer - Lisa Stebbins

These brave individuals will be paving the way as the first PTO officers ever for Bobcat Virtual Learning. Thank you to all of you for volunteering to help!

If you are on Facebook, there is an active Bobcat Virtual Parents group that you may want to join: This is a great way to build connections with other BVL families. All are welcome!

Allyson Walroth

Bobcat Virtual Learning Director


Counseling Office Appointment Form

Fill out this form to make an appointment with our counselor, Mr. Hentes.


Spirit Days

Next week is Homecoming, and we are excited to announce the BVL Spirit Days for next week:

  • Monday - PJ Day
  • Tuesday - Beach Day
  • Wednesday - Hat Day
  • Thursday - Tie Dye/Neon Day
  • Friday - School Spirit Day

Every morning your student can submit a clip of themselves participating in Spirit Day at this link: Students must access this with their email address.

Homecoming Parade

At the PTO meeting this week, some parents expressed interest in having a BVL float in the parade. We have a truck and a trailer bed, but we want to make sure that we will have participants before we commit. We're looking for students/families who will be willing to help create a float and students/families who would be there to walk. Please respond to this survey from our PTO to let us know if you or your student want to participate: Anyone enrolled in BVL is invited to participate!

GBHS Homecoming Dance

The GBHS Homecoming dance is on Saturday, September 25, from 6:00-9:00pm. The dance will be held outdoor at GBHS West Campus in the parking lot under tents. Tickets are available on SchoolPay. All BVL students in grades 9-12 are invited to attend.

Things to Know

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Student Support Referral Form

Does your student struggle academically? Are they having a hard time with isolation? Do they refuse to do work or participate in two-way contacts?

We are taking referrals for students who may need additional academic or emotional support.

If your student is struggling, please feel free to submit their information to this referral form. Our intervention team will review referrals on a bi-weekly basis and develop a plan of support for your student. This could mean they will be invited to meet virtually or in-person with one of our interventionists, or it may mean that we offer them support in a different way. We are excited to be able to start providing these services for our students!

Because we are only meeting on a bi-weekly basis to review referrals, please reach out to our school counselor, John Hentes (, 810-591-1634) or our school coordinator, Kevin Keilitz (, 810-591-6375) for any emergency help.


If your student hasn't been participating in two-way contacts, you will be receiving attendance warnings from us. This is how we track attendance for your students, and we are required by law to report students who are not attending.

Each student is counted as present by participating in two-way contacts with their homeroom teacher each week. This can be accomplished by:

  • Attending a live virtual session

  • Responding to teacher-initiated emails

  • A phone conversation

  • A virtual meeting

  • An in-person meeting

If you have any questions about your student's attendance, please contact BVL Coordinator, Kevin Keilitz (, 810-591-6375).

Elementary Workbooks

Workbooks have been ordered through the ISD. They will be mailed directly home for those of you who selected that option. If you elected to pick them up in our office, we will notify you as soon as they have arrived. We know that it is frustrating to not have the workbooks yet, and we are doing everything we can to expedite the process.

We originally thought we would be able to purchase the Parent and Teacher Guides; however, they are now informing us that those are not available in print form. You can access them virtually on the Lincoln Learning website.

If you would still like us to order print versions of the workbooks, please use our Print Materials Order Form. There is no cost to order workbooks.

Teacher Profile

Each week we will profile one of our amazing virtual staff members so that you can meet everyone!

Mrs. Tricia Stuck

Position: Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher

Experience: I have been a k-2 teacher for 24 years, with the last 18 years in Grand Blanc. Last year was my first year as a virtual teacher.

Excited About: I am excited to use new ways to help young learners grow and love learning! I can’t wait to help make BVL a positive and successful place to learn!

Looking Forward To: I can’t wait to make connections with students and families in the virtual environment. I’m excited help make learning extra fun!

Interests: I like to crochet, watch my daughter’s gymnastics meets, and spend time with my family and pets!

Student Support


Most of our courses have recommended pacing guides and deadlines that teachers have created to help students stay on schedule. While these deadlines are flexible, students are expected to make every attempt to meet them so that they do not fall behind. Once they are off schedule, it is very difficult to catch up. Work will be indicated as "missing" and will be logged in the gradebook as a zero, but it can still be turned in late for a full grade.

Final deadlines for the end of the semester/year are as follows:

Elementary and middle school classes that do not give an exam and are not tied to high school credit:

  • Wednesday, January 19 & Wednesday, June 8

High school classes and middle school classes that have an exam and are tied to high school credit:
  • Friday, January 14 & Friday, June 3

Senior Deadlines:

  • Friday, January 14 & Friday, May 13

Who Can Help?

If you need something, please don't be afraid to reach out:

  • Main Desk/Technology Help: 810-591-1658
  • Enrollment/Grades: Elaina Martinez - 810-591-6391
  • Counselor: John Hentes - 810-591-1634 or
  • Mentors: Elizabeth Ralbusky (last names A-J) - 810-591-6368; Scott Thurlow (last names K-Z) - 810-591-6366
  • Coordinator: Kevin Keilitz - 810-591-6375 or
  • Director: Allyson Walroth - 810-591-6649 or
  • Classroom teachers should all include information on how to contact them on their course. If you have course-related issues, please reach out to your teacher first. They will respond back within 24 hours (during the work week) and can usually clarify things quickly. You can also attend their office hours, which should be listed in their course.

Allyson Walroth

Director of Bobcat Virtual & Secondary Curriculum Director